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Prospering in the midst of continuing and often disruptive change takes insight and acumen. Executives who understand the forces driving change will know which strategies to implement and technologies to adopt, enabling their corporations and portfolio companies to prosper. They needn’t do so alone. Ennuka has been at the center of the telecom, media and technology evolutions helping many SMEs to adapt and grow.


Ennuka brings the benefit of Telecoms, Media and Technology (TMT) to it’s clients. We leverage on TMT driven tools empower and differentiate business processes.

Vision Statement

We imagine a continent where its entire beautiful people are empowered through technology to fulfill their dreams.

Mission Statement

We will continue to endeavor to bring transformation of the African continent.

Business Strategy

The general strategy of Ennuka is to create multiple product lines in the ICT industry that solve needs of its clientele profitably. In so doing, these product lines will contribute to the overall growth of the organization.



Domain Name Registration

Your domain name gives your brand an online presence. For this reason, every organisation must identify a domain name that correctly represents it online.

It’s important to settle for the right extension for your domain name (is it .com or .ke?)

Does your organisation require multiple domain names?

What if your preferred domain name is not available?

There are several considerations that must be well balanced to determine an appropriate domain name.

At Ennuka, we have helped numerous organisations make the right choice in this regard.  As we engage with your organisation, we will provide our professional input and guidance.

Ennuka Domain Name Registration
Ennuka Web Hosting Services


An organisation naturally feels the need to introduce itself to the unknown world through a website.

In other cases, organisations require reliable web spaces to host mission critical data.

This could include production data, client data, and online platforms (such as blogs, forums and discussion boards).

Ennuka Offers robust, reliable and scalable hosting solutions for its clients.

Contact our team for more details.

Corporate Email Services

With a lot of businesses being carried out online, the corporate email system becomes a mission-critical part of the organisation. Here are some of the benefits:

Trust: A business email account is trusted more than a free mail account by the customers. A professional email account is always associated with a domain name which is your company’s business domain name on which your primary website is hosted. Any customer wishing to know more about your services can easily recognize your website address. This helps tremendously in gaining your customers trust and thereby business.

Advertisement: This professional email ID not only establishes the authority of a person to act on behalf of a company but also acts as an advertisement of the company because the business name stays visible with every communication the employees make thereby helping in building the brand name.

Security: The biggest benefit that comes with email solution is that it brings along a great level of security to all type of mailing communication.

Anti Virus & Anti Spam: Our email service come with Anti-spam & Anti-virus filters. These filters ensure that no unwanted mail or virus can break through into the systems.

Storage Space: Customized storage space depending upon your specific requirement

Ennuka Corporate Email Services
Ennuka Custom Software Development

Custom Software (Applications) Development

In certain cases, an organisation prefers to have applications (software) that is specifically tailored for its needs.

We have broad experience in the delivery of bespoke software in different sectors such as retail, NPOs and academic institutions. Our expertise is to guide organisations to a solution that best fits and supports their business processes.

Such applications are deployable across different platforms such as PCs, local servers, web servers, or mobile.

Software Customisation & Integration

Rarely does the software sold by retailers interface into an organisation’s existing systems without hitches.  In other cases, there is a need to optimize an application to an organisation’s requirements.

Our role is often to advice the client on the options available in such cases. We also make time to understand an organisation so that we can guide the integration process effectively.

This allows the organisation to get maximum ROI in ICT solutions.

Ennuka Software Customisation
Ennuka Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy & Implementation

There is a lot of on-going buzz around social media. Is your brand capitalising on this trend?

Ennuka Afrika differentiates itself by providing a comprehensive social media package covering issues from strategy formulation to the actual execution.

We have previously engaged various brands with successful outcomes in the social media space. It will be our utmost pleasure to engage with your team to understand your social media needs and offer our input. The initial assessment will be entirely on us and free of charge!

Outsourced IT Service

Increasingly, SMEs are seeking greater corporate efficiency through the outsourcing of non-core activities.

Outsourced IT services presents an opportunity to create a leaner and more focused organisation that serves the core mission effectively.

Why not let us worry about your ICT systems as you focus on the organisation’s mission?

Ennuka Outsourced IT Services

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